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Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring | Waterproof Flooring

About Green Earth Waterproof Hybrid flooring (ESPC)

Engineered Stone Polymer Composite Flooring is the latest generation and trend of floor covering. It is also named hybrid or rigid core flooring; and is known as enhanced/luxury/waterproof flooring. The main components of ESPC are stone powder and vinyl (PVC) where it is engineered with the ratio of 70% stone powder and 30% vinyl to form an exceptionally stable and durable composite material that does not contain any wood. With ESPC flooring, the rigid core resists contraction and expansion, thus avoiding cracks. It provides a highly stable and durable floor that is both beautiful and functional in every room, even in wet areas and is most suitable for commercial buildings and homes, especially buildings by the seaside and where the climate is extreme. It is fast becoming the preferred choice of discerning customers and builders.


Green Earth Waterproof Hybrid Flooring

European Oak Reine #3006 Waterproof flooring

$60.00 $48.00 Per sq.m