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About Laminate Flooring

Green Earth Laminate Flooring

The Flooring Material
All laminate flooring is made essentially the same way. The top wear layer is cellulose paper impregnated with clear melamine resins. Just below it is the design layer— a photo or pattern printed on paper and strengthened with resins. The core is usually durable fiberboard the bottom stabilizing layer is made of paper or melamine. Individual laminate pieces can look like real wood. There will be pattern repeats in the floor, though; something you won’t find in flooring made from natural wood.

Facts about glue less laminate flooring


1. Faster Installation

Because of the unique “locking” click system, they snap or click together, without the need for adhesives, straps or clamps to hold starter boards in place, glue less floors are easier and faster to install than conventional laminate floors. The precision fit between planks eliminates gapping problems.

2. No Waiting Time After Installation


Also, glue less laminates can be walked upon immediately after installation and, because adhesive is not part of the equation, no additional labour is needed to clean glue haze from the assembled floor. Whether the floor will be laid by the professional installer or the weekend do-it-yourself, glue less laminates represent the industry’s latest and so far best attempt to create a foolproof floor.

3. Ability to disassemble and Reinstall

finally, the “glue less” locking system also has the advantage of allowing the floor to be taken up and re-laid somewhere else.