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Laminate Flooring

What is laminate flooring?

All laminate flooring is made essentially the same way. The top wear layer is cellulose paper impregnated with clear melamine resins. Just below it is the design layer— a photo or pattern printed on paper and strengthened with resins. The core is usually durable fiberboard the bottom stabilizing layer is made of paper or melamine. Individual laminate pieces can look like real wood. There will be pattern repeats in the floor, though; something you won’t find in flooring made from natural wood.

Why is laminate flooring widely used in Melbourne?

Firstly, the most important feature of laminate flooring is its durability. Laminate flooring has an aluminum oxide on the top coating, which can hold up to stains, dents, fading, and even deep scratches.

Secondly, the deployment cost of laminate flooring is much lower than timber flooring.

Finally, TFC has the wide range of laminate flooring products to support Melbourne flooring marketing in the past 20 years. With our strong after sale services, Melbourne has the mature market of Laminate flooring design, deployment, and maintainance.