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Bamboo Flooring

The features of bamboo flooring are various:

Bamboo flooring basically has two ways on structural arrangement, namely flat pressure type, vertical pressure type, these two kinds of structure are to will bamboo bend direction “back to back” arrange, the flexibility that makes use of bamboo itself will balance the shrinkage expansion rate in different environment.

Eco-friendly – bamboo flooring is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Durable – that bamboo flooring is composed of complex fibers that do not absorb moisture as easily as wood. Bamboo has the highest hardness rating from any other floor, it will last a lifetime!

Natural beauty – Green Earth strand is woven bamboo flooring boasts a unique appearance that complements all decors. Exotic and elegant, the beauty of Green Earth Bamboo will enhance your interior while remaining true to its natural origins.

Bamboo flooring has the Premium quality –  looking beautiful forever.