Difference between Laminate and Engineered Hardwood

Difference between Laminate and Engineered Hardwood Wooden floors are becoming more popular in households and it is essential to choose the right type for your home.

There are many similar benefits such as durability, versatility and family friendly and unique benefits from choosing Laminate or Engineered hardwood. There are lots of different options to suit your budget and your family’s needs. With so much choices I have compiled an easy guide to finding the perfect type for your family. LAMINATE FLOORING If you love the colour of timber floorboards but have limited budget or renovating your house as an investment property then laminate floorboards are the perfect choice. New laminate flooring has several layers including a durable HDF board and a design layer. This is the layer that gives laminate flooring its realistic wooden finish.

With modern technology we can use high-resolution photos of real wood to be printed and finished with melamine resin. The result is a very realistic and accurate flooring depicting natural timber and an extra bonus easy to install click-and-lock system. Laminate flooring also boasts a closed surface structure making it impossible for dust to accumulate within the flooring in addition to being cost effective and easy to install. So it’s good for all people and especially those with allergies. The layered flooring is so durable that the warranties for these flooring are typically 25 years. It is recommended to check the slip rating when selecting your laminate flooring if using it in high traffic areas such as entrance hallways.

ENGINEERED HARDWOOD FLOORING If you want the real timber then engineered hardwood is the perfect choice for any household or office. They offer the natural glow, warmth and look that you can only achieve with real timber floorboards.

The difference between engineered hardwood and solid wood floors is that engineered hardwood are constructed using three layers of raw materials to guarantee stability and to eradicate any contracting forces. The floorboards are made up of a solid timber layer (usually Oak, Blackbutt or Spotted gum in Australia), a core layer of HDF and a backing layer of pine veneer. The hardwood layer can be sanded back and updated with a wax, stain or even a coat of paint whereas with laminate you can’t. Engineered floorboards can be more cost effective than solid timber because you can install them yourself if they come included with any click system such as 5G click. They are also easy to maintain, keep clean and will hold up to everyday wear as long as it is finished with several coats of protective varnish.

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