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German Krono Xonic Waterproof

Timber Flooring Brisbane

Ideal for residential and commercial projects A 30 year residential and 5 year commercial warranty, very durable, the highest Utilization Class 34 (DIN EN 16511), dust and dirt repellent, high plank stability with low expansion and Top Click locking system. Ideal for kitchens, baths and vestibules Waterproof, A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating, integrated walking and impact sound insulation, high load bearing capacity, beveled edges, authentic surface texture. Ideal for do-it-yourselves Top Click for fast, simple and secure installation. Easily cut to length with a carpet knife.


German Krono Xonic Flooring

Sundance German Krono Waterproof Flooring

$59.00 $45.00 Per sq.m